Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Welcome to our new Blog!!

Woodrising Neighbourhood Centre has started a blog!!

Why? This blog is so we can keep our community informed of whats going on at the WNC, whats coming up, courses you can enroll for, services we are offering etc. In fact any news at all that relates to our district.

Can I comment about any of the entries? You sure can. And we want you to. At the bottom of each post is a 'comments' link. Click it and then type your comments, select an identity and then push the 'Post Comments' button. We will attempt to address any questions or comments that you leave.

Can I get an email anytime there's a new entry? You sure can. Just click 'comments' link and then the 'Subscribe by Email' link below and the blogger system will automatically send you an email anytime there's a new entry.

How can I tell others about the blog? We'd love you to spread the word. Just click the small buttons below to email them and/or to post to Facebook or Twitter etc. The more people that know then the better informed will be the community.

Can I post something on the blog about upcoming events? We are working on that.

1 comment:

  1. I am very impressed, and it is so easy to follow. Great work!