Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Financial & Gambling Counselling Service

Lake Macquarie Financial & Gambling Counselling Service
is located and auspiced by Woodrising Neighbourhood Centre.

The service is funded by NSW Fair Trading and the NSW Government Responsible Gambling Fund.
Financial Counselling
All of us have to manage our money.At times this can be difficult.
We may experience a drop in income, loss of job, change in health, an unexpected bill, loss of partner, family sepration or the addition of a new family member. Each of these situations impacts us financially.
Financial counselling is a free service that assists people experiencing financial problems.
Our trained financial counsellors will work with you to:
  • Establish and assess your current financial situation
  • Provide information on your debts and debt collection
  • Provide ongoing support which may include negotiations with your creditors
  • Discuss possible debt repayment strategies
  • Provide referral to other services when necessary
Our aim is to provide you with asistance, support and information for your situation.
We understand the importance of privacy and confidentiality.

Financial Counselling can:
  • Help relieve stress and anxiety about your financial problem
  • Increase your ability to manage your situation
  • Help you plan for the future
If you are feeling anxious about your financial situation please contact this service for a free appointment -
Phone: 02 4950 5108

Gambling Counselling
Many people gamble at one time or another. For most people gambling is fun, entertaining and a chance to win a bit of money.
If gambling has stopped being fun and started to feel like a problem, this service can help. We can assist if your gambling has become harmful to you or hurting those close to you.

If you want to chack whether you have a gambling problem, ask yourself:
'Am I always in control of how much I spend on gambling?'
'Is the time & money I spend gambling hurting anyone else?'

It is important to know how severe gambling problems can become.
  • Losing money is not fun nor is having to lie to family and friends to cover your losses.
  • Money issues become a consuming thought
  • Increased debt delays the disaster but makes the drive to gamble stronger
  • Work mperformance and attendance can suffer
  • Family, friends and relationships are affected
Gambling Help counsellors are:
Specially trained and have a wealth of experience in helping peolpe find their way out of gambling rel;ated difficulties.
They understand the importance of privacy and confidentiality.
All Gembling Help services have a common goal:
To help people understand and oversome problem gambling, and to provide support, advice and encouragement as they do so.

Please contact us for a free apointment on
02 4950 5108

Other contacts:
Credit and Dept Hotline: 1800 808 488
Lifeline: 131 114
Gambling Help: 1800 858 858

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