Friday, 29 January 2016

Free Financial Counselling

Do You Have Debts You Can’t Manage?

                                     Maybe we can help ......

All of us have to manage our money.
At times this can be very difficult.
We may experience a drop in income, loss of job, change in health, an unexpected bill, loss of partner, family separation, or the addition of a new family member.  Each of these situations impacts us financially. 
Financial Counselling is a free service that assists people experiencing financial problems.  Our trained financial counsellors will work with you to:
-          Establish and assess your current financial situation
-          Provide information on your rights regarding your debts           and debt collection
-          Provide ongoing support which may include negotiations         with your creditors
-          Discuss possible debt repayment strategies
-          Provide referral to other services when necessary

If you are feeling anxious about your financial situation please contact Lake Macquarie Gambling Help and Financial Counselling Service for a free appointment. Phone 4950 5108

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