Friday, 8 July 2016

LEARN CPR for just $5.00!
For parents, grandparents or for anyone who cares for kids!

Do not miss this if you have children in your care! 

Are you a carer of young Children?
   Are you a grandparent who has kids over to stay?

   How would you respond if your child had a choking fit?
*   Would you know how to resuscitate if your child had a drowning incident?
*   Will you remain calm and know what to do if your child had a febrile convulsion?

We are repeating our very successful 2 hr workshop
on how to deal with these emergencies
When: Monday12th September 
Time 10.00am  to 12.00 noon


Cost is only $5.00 
 Please phone 49594624 to enrol.

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