Wednesday, 31 May 2017

 This free interactive six-week program will assist parents to increase their confidence, reduce stress and family conflict, and build positive child-parent relationships.

Topics covered include:
Messages from the past – beliefs and values about parenting
What are my goals as a parent? What hopes and dreams do I have for my kids?
Brain development and its relationship to behaviour
Why won’t they do what they are told when I have told them 100 times?
Giving and receiving messages
What type of communication style do I have? What about the other members of my family?
The message of behaviours
Why do my kids do what they do? Are they just trying to push my buttons?
Messages about me
Why are my children so different? Why do they respond so differently to the same thing?
Passing on messages
Where to from here?
Dates: Tuesdays, 10am -12.30pm
July 25 - Aug 29 (6 weeks*)
Venue:  Woodrising Neighbourhood Centre
80 Hayden Brook Rd, Woodrising
*($4 each per week for catering & venue costs)

To register please call – 4959 4624

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