About this Blog

Why are we doing this? This blog is so we can keep this community informed of whats going on at the WNC, whats coming up, courses you can enroll for, services we are offering etc. In fact any news at all that relates to our district.  

Whats it all mean?  Each entry on the blog is called a 'post'.  It has a date and time it was posted and who by.  It also has facilities for any viewer to add comments and opinions as well as to spread the word about the post.  At the top of the blog are several 'tabs' that have some standing information such as this page.

Can I comment about any of the 'posts'? You sure can. And we want you to. At the bottom of each post is a 'comments' link. Click it and then type your comments, select an identity and then push the 'Post Comments' button. We will attempt to address any questions or comments that you leave.
You can also just tick any of the three boxes at the bottom of the post to show whether you found the post funny, interesting or useful

Can I get an email anytime there's a new entry on the blog?  Yes.  This is called a 'subscription', its all free and you can opt out at any time. On the right hand side is a box to enter your email address.  You will then get two popup screens to verify this request and then an email with a link that you need to click to finally activate your subscription.  The process is very simple to do.  The reason for the two lots of verification is to prevent hackers.

Can I get an email anytime there's a comment on just one of the posts? You sure can. At the bottom of the relevant post, just click the 'comments' link and then the 'Subscribe by Email' link below it and the blogger system will automatically send you an email anytime there's a new comment on that post.
How can I tell others about the blog? We'd love you to spread the word.  Its easy to send people any post - just click the small buttons below the post to email them and/or to post it to Facebook or Twitter etc. The more people that know then the better informed will be the community.

Can I post something on the blog about upcoming events? We are working on that.  In the meantime email anything you think should be on the blog to the Manager at woodrising@wnc.ngo.org.au  It might take a day or so before it appears on the blog so don't expect to see it straight away.  We will let you know when its posted or if we don't think its suitable.

I can't find what I'm after?  Try using the 'Search This Blog' box on the right hand side.  It will search the current listing and all the archived pages.  You get more search results if you only use one or two words.   If you still can't find it then send us an email.

What happens to old 'posts'?  They get archived - browse the Archive links on the right hand side of this page.  On some occasions we might delete some of the older posts - eg those relating to just one off events or completely incorrect info.